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by Jay Correia | Foreword by Jeff Mans

Explore legal challenges, winning tips, and how FanDuel, DraftKings, and the businesses of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association have changed fantasy sports forever.

Book released on April 23rd 2016.

Preface of the Book

"We have 19 trillion dollars in debt. We have people out of work. We have ISIS and Al-Qaeda attacking us, and we are talking about fantasy football?" – Chris Christie (GOP Debate 10/28/15)

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Daily Fantasy Sports, the book, is sweeping the nation! More than 2,100,000 people have heard about the book on the radio or tv, making the title an Amazon Top 20 seller in sports.

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Explore the Chapters

Daily Fantasy Sports, the book, explores the impact of fantasy sports in America today. Take a stroll in fantasyland and discover everything there is to know about DFS. Learn about the legal challenges, how we got in this mess, and what choices the industry now faces in order to save fantasy sports. The author helps you connect the dots, all while keeping you entertained with thoughtful quotes, tips on how to play, and more.
fantasy sports skill games

Chapter 1

"It's a Game of Skill" - explore how #DFS is a game of skill.

Las Vegas fantasy sports

Chapter 2

"Las Vegas & The Silver Bullet" - learn how we got in to the legal mess.

fantasy sports sharks

Chapter 3

"The Sharks & Players" - numbers, demographics, and the shark problem.

fantasy sports economy

Chapter 4

"It's the Economy Stupid" - how the government can't get out of its own way.

tech cat mouse game

Chapter 5

"The Technology Cat Mouse Game" - predictions about the future and how DFS will evolve.

daily fantasy game types

Chapter 6

"The Types of Daily Fantasy Games" - learn about all the different gameplay styles.

get good at fantasy sports

Chapter 7

"How to be Good at Fantasy Sports" - tips, insight, and advice on how to up your game.

behind fantasy sports

Chapter 8

"Behind the Scenes Magic" - explore the businesses that make fantasy sports possible.

daily fantasy experts

Chapter 9

"Thoughts from the Industry" - see what industry insiders have to say about fantasy sports.

fantasy sports freedom

Chapter 10

"Freedom with Responsibility" - the free market is all we need.

fight for fantasy sports

Chapter 11

"Keep Fighting the Good Fight" - what we can do to combat the downfall of DFS.

About the author

Jay Correia

Jay Correia

Jay Correia is the founder and owner of DreamCo Design, a development company that designs, develops, and markets websites and apps for the fantasy sports industry. Mr. Correia's company has been responsible for the creation of a wide variety of projects, including sites and apps for daily fantasy operators, news outlets, and more.

Mr. Correia was responsible for helping orchestrate some of the earliest mergers and acquisitions within the industry, most specifically with MGT Capital Investments, the first public company to enter the space. Mr. Correia presently serves on the Board of Directors for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and works on the Legislative Affairs Committee. Beyond the world of fantasy, Mr. Correia is an outdoor enthusiast, family person, taildragger pilot, and a major fan of New England sports.

Some early reviews

A fast, easy, and entertaining read. With the industry being in such a fluid position, Daily Fantasy Sports does a great job at summarizing the industry as a whole. It is great for anyone in the industry or a fan that just loves fantasy sports.
- Jim Shanonaga

Jim quote

Great job on the manuscript. I really enjoyed it as it was light and engaging the whole way through.
- Jeff Mans

Jeff quote

The book was really fun to read and it kept my attention the whole time. I went in not knowing much at all about daily fantasy and left feeling like I understand everything that is going on.
- Jana Lynne

Jana quote

It was a pleasure reading the manuscript. I had no idea that the fantasy sports industry was in such a legal mess. You did a great job.
- Vonda Hatter

Vonda quote

Is pissing in the woods on public property when nobody is around legal? We don't need new laws to clarify things that aren't labeled as being illegal! This is fantasy sports we are taking about here. How can you take these politicians seriously?
- Tyler Khan

Tyler quote

I wish our politicians would get more involved with real issues, not fantasy sports. This is why we need changes in our political system. Unreal.
- Samantha Tames

Samantha quote

It slows the situation down, explains what the heck is really going on, and reads as a conversational pitch that logically represents the entire scope of the the industry.
- Frank Elburg

Frank quote

Thanks for the tips on DFS. Time to school some n00bs. Hopefully the gov doesn't pwn me. #fantasyskillz
- DFskill

DFSkill quote
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